This property was built in the late 1800’s as a single story brick building, making it one of the oldest developed parcels in the City. Its original use is unknown, and the brick structure was leveled in the 1906 earthquake. Rebuilt as a 3-story wood-frame building after the quake, the property became the Hotel Rondel, named after the alleyway to the east. It operated as a place of lodging and brothel until The Great Depression, when it was shuttered.

When the economy recovered the property became a simple hotel and stayed that way until it was sold and renamed the Sincere Hotel. In 1976 there was a fire that gutted the top two floors of the hotel, and there are still bits of char at the top of these steps left in place for history. Rather than rebuild the two burned floors the owner removed them and converted the remaining structure to a commercial space, becoming Esta Noche. A legendary gay and transsexual bar, Esta Noche reigned as an institution of the City, known for gay and transsexual shows and as a safe place for the gay and transsexual community. After 35 years in business the owners of Esta Noche decided to close. The current owners operated the Esta Noche space as Limbo Bar for two months so that fans of Esta Noche could say good bye.

In May of 2014 the interior was demolished except that every effort was made to preserve any architectural history, such as the wooden back bar, the lit arch, the box-beam ceiling, the windows, the infinity stairs and all the moldings. Opened as Bond on Thanksgiving Eve in 2014, the name is a reference to the relationships that connect people and the opportunity to make new ones.

Welcome to Bond! We look forward to getting to know you and adding to the great history of the Hotel Rondel.